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  • the only solution formulated to work with Tread-TEQ and Riser-TEQ

  • a neutral pH, low foaming, no rinse cleaner with anti-corrosion and slip resistance additives

  • it contains no phosphates, butyl, bleaches, NTA, chlorine or ammonia and, is alkaline free

  • it is safe for use on all escalator and travellator (walkway) brands, models and finishes

  • it does not damage the Absorb-TEQ

  • it dissolves oil, grease and mineral soiling, including stains from spilled drinks

  • it dries quickly and leaves no slippery residue when used as directed

  • Clean-TEQ solution is manufactured with respect for the environment.  Even the container is made from HDPE-e for easier recycling

  • dilute Clean-TEQ with water at 1 : 10 ratio for best cleaning result

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